Termite Reticulation System Refill Service For Porous Pipes

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It is definitely a smart move to get Porous termite pipe installed during construction of your house. This will give a life long term protection to your house but everyone does A BIG MISTAKE and hence even after Porous anti termite pipe installation your home is still left completely vulnerable to Termite attacks. This is because people forget to get termite chemical refilling in Porous pipes regularly as per schedule.

If you have long skipped filling your Porous anti termite pipes then book a Termite Reticulation System Refill service on priority basis.

Let’s Check How Porous Pipe Filling Service Creates Impenetrable Termite Barrier For Your Home.

1. Why Termite Movement Is Not Easy To Detect?

Termites are quite sensitive to temperature. They cannot tolerate high or low temperatures. They always create mud tubes or tunnels for movement. These tunnels absorb heat differences and give termites much needed normal temperature for movement. This is the reason termites live in underground colonies as deep as 15 ft.

Also termites damage of furniture is visible only at the end because termites start breaking furniture within inside to protect themselves from the temperature differences outside. They are visible on the surface of furniture only once there is no further wood inside furniture to break away.

2. How Porous Pipe Give Long Term Security From All Termite Attacks?

Porous pipes are laid at the foundation of the house so that anti termite chemical can be regularly introduced at the foundation level of the house and the soil barrier is strong enough to protect the home from any termite attacks. However it is important that the Porous pipes are filled with right termite chemical at proper intervals.

3. How Termite Reticulation System Refill Service Is Done?

Chemical is introduced in Porous pipe by opening one of the outlet of Porous pipe from the board and filling the same with chemical through a 1 HP motor backed pump.

4. What Is The Cost Of Termite Reticulation System Refill Service?

This depends on the size, soil type, design etc. of the house. Generally a 2 BHK home can get termite chemical filling service within 4000 rupees.

5. What Is The Warranty On Termite Reticulation System Refill Service?

Depending on the design, size and other factors warranty of 2 – 3 years can be given once termite filling services has been completed.


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