Soil Treatment For Termites

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If you are planning to construct a new house then you cannot afford to miss this. Soil Treatment For Termites is amongst the most essential steps in ensuring safety of your furniture from any future termite attacks.

This service forms the fundamental basis for other termite treatment services also. The soil termite treatment service gives long term protection from all types of termite attacks.

Why Soil Treatment For New Home Gives Impenetrable Security Against All Termite Attacks?

1. How termites enter your home?

Termites live in organised underground soil colony. Each colony has millions of termites with different roles like worker termites, soldier termites, nymph etc. Each colony is led by Queen termite. This colony consistently sends termite scouts to look for wood in nearby radius. Termites enter your home through the soil foundation and then use the walls.

Upon finding wood in home the termites create multiple tunnels for taking small pieces of food to their underground soil colony and start breaking down furniture into small pieces and transporting it to their underground soil colony.

2. What is the science behind Soil Treatment For Termites?

As mentioned in above answer, The routes of termite passes through soil including the soil under the foundation of your house. we can say that soil is the major medium of movement for termites. Hence, if we can treat the soil under the foundation of your house, then termites can be stopped at foundation itself. The soil treatment includes treating the soil with termite killer chemical so that the soil do not support movement of termites. This way your furniture and home gets rid of termite for a long time.

3. When to book an Anti Termite Treatment service For Soil?

Naturally, we require access to the soil of foundation for treating soil. The soil treatment can only be done once in a life time of constructing the house. When the foundation is dug or especially before laying cement foundation. Once concrete foundation is laid the soil treatment cannot be done as the access to soil is lost forever.

However post construction, depending on the access of soil around the exterior wall borders of your house we can dig trenches along the exterior wall. We can treat this soil touching your exterior wall by creating a termite barrier around your house. However, that is possible only if there is access to soil around all exterior walls of the house.

4. Can termites enter even after soil treatment for termites?

Yes it is possible for termites to return to your home if chemical in your soil termite barrier is washed away due to moisture or water problems. Also if the termite barrier was prepared inadequately using wrong chemical or wrong concentration then too the soil termite barrier will not work. This is the reason that you should always prefer a professional termite control company to get your termite soil barrier done perfectly.

5. How long can this soil treatment protect home from termite attacks?

Soil based termite treatment always has a much longer lifespan than other traditional termite treatment methods. This is because soil forms a stronger chemical bond with the termite killer chemical therby retaining it for much longer periods like 13-14 years and in few cases even upto 20 years. This suggests that you can protect your home and furniture for about 15 years from all type of Termite attacks.

6. What are the stages of soil treatment for Termites?

Anti Termite Treatment For Soil has three stages. In first stage the site is prepared for soil treatment in which it is ensured that all wooden or cellulose material are separated from soil. Then trenching and rodding functions are done. In the last stage soil is treated by termite killer chemical using right chemical in adequate quantity and right concentration uniformly across the plot of construction.

Finally our quality analyst will audit the termite treatment work performed at your site. Upon successful completion of Anti Termite Treatment For Soil, you will get a warranty certificate of the termite treatment.

7. What is the cost of soil treatment for termites?

The cost of soil treatment for termites can vary depending on the size, soil type, complexity etc. However you can expect to get a soil treatment for house of 1000 sqft within a budget of rupees 15,000/-. The accurate rate is always shared by Deemak Roko Manager after assessing the requirements through inspection of your premise.

8. Is soil treatment methodology for Termites recommended by any government standard?

Yes soil treatment is recommended by Indian standard 6313. You can get code of practice for anti-termite measures in buildings information in detail by accessing the URL

9. What is the warranty period on Anti Termite Treatment For Soil?

As soil treatment give longer periods of protection from termites hence Deemak Roko company gives warranty of 8 to 12 years depending on the kind of soil type and moisture assessment of the site. This shall be communicated to you before starting the Soil Treatment.


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