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Let's See How Can A Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment Service Gets Rid Of Termites In The House?

1.How do Termite Attacks Occur?

  • Termites live in well-organized underground colonies near your house.
  • They send scouts to search for wood sources.
  • Once they find wooden furniture in your home, they create tunnels back to their colony to transfer the wood.

2.The Logic Behind Drill-Fill-Seal Spraying Service for Termite Treatment

  • Termites’ tunnels pass through the walls of your house.
  • Creating a chemical-based termite barrier in the walls can stop termites from entering.
  • This protects your furniture and home from termite damage.

3.Can Termites Find Alternate Routes?

  • Yes, termites have survival instincts.
  • If one route is blocked, they will find another way to reach their target.
  • Non-repellent chemicals are used, making it difficult for termites to detect and avoid the barrier.

4.How Long Does a Termite Barrier Protect Your Home?

  • The duration depends on factors like moisture and soil type.
  • Typically, a termite barrier can last up to 5 years.
  • Regular renewal of the chemical-based barrier is recommended.

5.Stages of Drill-Fill-Seal Termite Spraying Service

  • Detailed inspection to assess termite damage and create a custom treatment plan.
  • Spot treatment of furniture attacked by termites.
  • Removal of termite mud tubes from walls and visible areas.
  • Drilling holes in the wall and filling them with a termite killer chemical.
  • Closing the holes to match the wall texture.
  • Treating all furniture with an oil-based termite killer spray.

6.Precautions After Termite Spraying Service

  • Ensure there are no moisture-related issues that could diminish the effectiveness of the chemical barrier.
  • Remove any wood or wooden debris touching the exterior walls.

7.Cost of Drill-Fill-Seal Termite Treatment Service

  • The cost varies based on location, size, and soil type.
  • On average, termite treatment for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK home is around ₹10,000.

8.Cost of Termite Spraying Treatment Service

  • The cost ranges from ₹700 to ₹2,000 per article, depending on the premises, time required, and chemicals needed for treatment.

9.Safety of Chemicals Used in Termite Spraying Service

  • The chemicals used are certified by BIS and Green pro.
  • They do not harm humans or pets after the treatment is completed.
  • No foul smells or fumes are associated with the chemicals.
  • Technicians can provide an MSDS report upon request.

10.Warranty Period for Drill-Fill-Seal Termite Treatment Service

  • The warranty duration depends on the assessment conducted by the team.
  • Typically, it ranges from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years.
  • A digital and physical warranty certificate is provided.

11.Warranty Period for Termite Spraying Service

  • Since termite spraying doesn’t involve long-term barrier installation, the warranty is generally up to 6 months.
  • It is advisable to opt for drill-fill-seal service for long-term termite protection rather than relying solely on spot spraying.


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