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Is it possible to permanently kill termites? The answer to this is No, It Is Not Possible because termites are part of the nature. They cannot be destroyed completely.

But if you ask that can your home get rid of termites permanently? The Answer Is Definitely Yes.

There is a permanent way to protect your home against all termite attacks. For that you need to get Anti Termite Piping System Installed at the foundation of your floors.

Let’s Understand How Anti Termite Piping System Can Permanently Get Rid Of Termites In Your Home?

1. How termites attack my home?

Every termite is a member of large underground termite colony which has millions of termite members with a queen as its leader. This colony regularly sends termite scouts to discover source of food in 100 m radius of the colony. These termites enter your home through foundation of house climbing up the walls and then creeping inside your house through mud tunnels.

Upon discovering furniture, termites create multiple tunnels from your furniture to their underground termite colony to facilitate easy transport of small pieces of your furniture to member termites of underground colony.

2. What is the logic behind Anti Termite Piping System?

Since termites require access to foundation of house to enter your premise, it is logical to create a chemical based termite barrier in the soil foundation so that termites can be stopped at soil foundation level itself. However the chemical loses its effect after sometime due to its life cycle so your home again becomes vulnerable to termites. After construction of your home it is not possible to physically renew the soil based termite barrier as foundation of house will no more be accessible for renewing with termite chemical.

Hence, smartly network of porous pipes are laid at the foundation level so that the soil based termite barrier can be renewed with chemical from time to time by simply filling the porous pipes with water based termite chemical. This way strong termite barrier can be maintained for a long long time and your home practically gets rid of termite forever.

3. Can Termites Come Even After Installation Of Porous Pipe For Termite Treatment?

Yes termites can come even after installation of porous pipes but only if you do not fill the pipe with termite killer chemical regularly in every few years as suggested by experts. This is because the main logic behind Anti Termite Piping System Is to always maintain soil barrier.

But you do not need to worry as Deemak Roko team will reach you regularly for filling porous pipe as per the schedule suggested to you during installation of porous pipes.

4. Can termites come even after filling porous pipe with chemical?

There maybe chances of termites returning even after filling porous pipes with chemical. This only happens if you use wrong chemical or wrong concentration or any other unintended liquid to fill the porous pipes. In fact termites can even return if you use the wrong concentration of right chemical.

Hence, it is important to get the filling service done by a professional Termite control company only.

5. What is the frequency of filling the porous pipes for an effective termite treatment?

This depends upon the design of your home, soil type, moisture situation, slope etc. In general you should get the porous pipe filling service in every 3 to 4 years.

However, Deemak Roko expert will suggest the best frequency of filling porous pipes with termite killer chemical. Deemak Roko team will also hand you over a schedule card for porous pipe filling service. Deemak Roko office team will get in touch with you as per your schedule of the service.

6. What are the stages of installation of Anti Termite Piping System ?

There are three stages for installation of porous pipe. The first stage includes inspection, planning and preparing the site for porous pipe installation. The second stage includes laying the network of porous pipes as per the plan. The third stage includes filling the porous pipes with termite killer chemical.

Finally after the completion of the service our quality analyst will audit the work and post successful audit you will be given warranty certificate for the service.

7. Can we use other pipe instead of porous pipe for installation ?

Only elastomeric porous pipes can be used for creating termite barrier at the soil foundation of house. Any other pipe will not have sufficient pores for uniform distribution of termite killer chemical.

Also the pores of elastomeric porous pipe do not get blocked easily. But pores of other pipes may get blocked and thereby hampering the uniform distribution of termite chemical.

Other pipes are simply not recommended! It would defeat the entire purpose.

8. Can I get Anti Termite Piping System installed after complete construction of my home?

No, as there there can be no access to foundation of the house. So laying network of pipes is out of scope once entire house is constructed. Porous Pipes can only be installed before laying concrete foundation or before installing tiles in the house. Ideally pipes should be installed in the soil foundation.

9. What is the cost of porous pipe installation?

This again depends on the type of house, area, time required, material used etc. In general house of 1000 square feet can get pipe installation service within a budget of Rs. 25,000/-. The actual estimate can only be given after inspecting the site and finalizing the porous pipe installation plan.

10. Are there any precautions I should take after installing porous piping for termites?

There are no specific precautions. However, in event of demolition of any specific corner for reconstruction purposes, porous pipe network should not be disturbed in any manner. Also you should avoid any wood or wooden debris touching exterior walls of your house.

11. What is best method to protect from termite attacks: Drill fill seal service or Anti Termite Piping System Or Soil treatment?

Definitely Anti Termite Piping System is the best type of termite protection plan that you can avail for a long long termite protection. Soil treatment barrier is the second best method giving protection for around 15 years. Then finally drill fill seal service can gives maximum protection of up to 5 years.


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