Termite Treatment Cost

Every year termites cause significant damages to Indian households. The cost of damages easily shoot from a few thousands to lakhs of rupees along with the costs of precious time and mental peace.

Customers get customised rates from team Deemak Roko ensuring optimal allocation of budget for Termite Treatment. However you can get an approximate idea of the costs of termite treatments for your purpose by reading the contents of this page.

Following are the contents of termite treatment cost:

  • Factors that effect the cost of termite treatment method
  • Two methods of Calculating Termite Treatment Cost
  • Types of Termite Treatment and Their Average Cost
  • Tips for Saving Money on Termite Treatment.
  • Cost Comparison of Different Termite Treatment Methods.
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Termite Treatment Cost.

Factors that effect the cost of termite treatment method

Mode of treatment: there are different methods of reading termites depending on many factors. Each method of treatment requires different set of preparation, materials and timelines. Accordingly the cost of treatment can decrease or increase.

Size of property: the size of property is directly relevant to the overall cost of the night treatment. However the rate per unit for small area can be bigger than rate for unit for large area cost due to fixed costs.

Types of chemicals: The type as well as the quantity per unit of chemicals varies depending on the mode of treatment as well as the final objective of the treatment and hence effects the overall cost of Termite treatment.

Extent and type of damage: termites can create different damages in the same house like electrical route based damages, basement wall based damages, exterior damages as well as finally the quantity of damage. Hence the extent and the type of damages directly impact the treatment procedure and the cost.

Type of property: Complexity of building structure greatly impacts the procedure of treating termites. For example issues like ease of access to target areas, height of treatment, hazard level of site etc impacts the overall cost structure for treating termites.

Furniture Density: The quantity and type of furniture require different attention for treating termites. More quantity and more complexity may increase the price per unit. This factor alone sometimes proves to be the dominant reason of increase or decrease in the cost of the termite treatment.

Warranty: all though team Deemak Roko gives fixed warranty as per the type of treatment. However customers can choose for more warranty period by paying little extra amount as mentioned in the table below. This can greatly reduce the termite cost over a long period of time.

Location: Remote locations not directly falling within the city limits or in regular operation cycles may change the cost structure.

Offers : Customers are advised to always enquire about the current offers running at team Deemak Roko. You can also get first hand information regarding offers by visiting offers page of this website. Offers can greatly impact the overall cost structure of termite treatment at your premises.

Two methods of Calculating Termite Treatment Cost

Lumpsum Method: This method involves calculation of all the cost elements individually. All the costs are summed up and accordingly the final quotation is given. This is generally used in large sites or for special cases where costings are highly involved and Square feet metho¹¹d may not be optimum for real figures. 

Square feet Pricing method: This method derives the data from the Lumpsum method and is a simpler method for estimation of overall cost. This method is primarily used by the industry majorly for all types of sites.

Types of Termite Treatment and Their Average Cost

There are majorly 2 different types of treatments. One type of treatments are for construction sites and other types of treatments are for post construction sites meaning the existing houses or premises. The calculation for each are hence separately calculated.

Below are the list of types of termite treatment and their approximate cost. Please note these are only reference costings as the actual costs can be derived only after physical inspection of the site to be treated.

Post Construction

1. Spot treatment – These treatments are targeted only for the infested objects or specific areas where termites are found. Hence its called Spot treatment. It focuses on immediate resolution.

Pricing Range: Rs. 1500 onwards.

Warranty is not covered in this service. 

2. Wall treatments: This treatment involves creating a termite barrier in all the walls of the house so that the termites are not able to move through the walls in the house. This provides a comparatively stable solution for the termites. 

Pricing Range: Rs. 4/ Sqft onwards.

Warranty : 1 Year

3. Complete treatment (Recommended): This involves the complete solution for the house which includes the Drill Fill Seal based wall treatments of the house, Preventive Oil based Furniture treatments, Exterior perimeter Barriers as well as recommendation of preventive solutions for the property.

Pricing Range: Rs. 5/ Sqft onwards.

Warranty – 2 plus years.

4. Premium Plus Solutions: This is designed to provide foolproof solutions for the house by expert Technicians. This involves treatment of all the wooden, furniture elements of property, Drill – Fill – Seal based Chemical barrier installation of all the walls of the house, Exterior barrier creation, Garden treatment and other necessary treatments. Along with this a customised preventive precaution report is shared in written. Yearly 2 inspections are given to access for tracing possible termite activites.

Pricing Range: Rs. 7/ Sqft onwards.

Warranty – 5 years.

Free inspections : 2 Inspections every year. (Total 10 inspections in 5 years).

Pre Construction:

1. Wall treatments: This treatment ensures that a strong barrier is created below the skirting level of the walls which shall prevent all types of termites to move up the walls. Pricing Range: Rs. 5 to Rs. 8/Sqft.Warranty: 7 Years

2. Soil Treatment (Recommended): This treatment involves the wall treatment plus soil treatment at all stages of the house construction as per IS6313. The Soil shall be thoroughly treated with anti termite chemical and thus any termite activity from any nook and corner of the house shall be prevented.

Pricing Range: Rs. 11 /Sqft onwards.

Warranty: 10 Years

3. Piping Treatment (Highly Recommended): This treatment involves laying a network of porous pipes across the floor of the construction property. These pipes are meant to renew the termite chemical in the foundation of the house and hence giving permanent security to the structure from all Termite attacks.Pricing Range: Rs. 14 to Rs. 21/Sqft.Warranty of pipes: 50 Years.

Tips for Saving Money on Termite Treatment.

Early detection and priority Treatment: Termites are secret destroyers of furniture. They only start appearing once the damage has been done. If termites are detected early, then further damages can be prevented by immediate treatments thus saving precious furniture from costly damages.

Avoid DIY treatments: It is important to understand the biology of termites. Experimenting with improper solutions in general always aggravates the termite situation as Termites start exploring other furniture apart from the infested furniture also. The overall costs from damages goes further more untill the root problem of termites are not solved. Only treatments driven and demonstrated by scientifically proven results should be preferred to avoid costly damages

Prioritize root cause solutions: Most of the people think that the problem is resolved the once infested furniture is treated or removed from the property but in reality it is just the beginning of the problem because termites keep looking for the next source in your house and hence other furnitures become vulnerable. The best solution always comes from solutions which can eliminate the termite colony of any Termite that attacks your house. This will keep your home Termite safe for long periods.

Prioritize contact barrier creation: contact barriers are created in order to solve the issues of termites once for all. In such methods the root cause of termite attacks i.e. the termite colony is targeted. It works on the principle of contact method where the termites coming in contact of the termite barrier get infected from chemical and this chemical spreads to other Termite members of the colony including the reproductive queen. This method hence resolves the issues once for all.

Enquire About offer: DeemakRoko Brand regularly runs new offers which can bring down your Termite treatment costs considerably. Always enquire about the new offers and if you are eligible for the same.

Regular inspections: This can assist you in finding the termite issues at early stage which can result in early solution without burning your pockets in deep.

Cost Comparison of Different Termite Treatment Methods

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Termite Treatment Cost.

In general, the cost of termite treatments can vary greatly depending upon multiple factors. Our recommendation is to always look for a more permanent solution as it can only help you in saving money from regular Costly termite damages.

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