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If you are suspecting termite presence in your house or if you have recently invested heavily in new furniture interiors at your home or if you have moved to a new home then you might want to get a termite inspection done to access the risk of termites entering your home and eating away your furniture.

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Let’s Check How Termite Inspection and Consultation Can Timely Prepare You To Defeat Termites.

1. Why Termite Inspection Can Be Crucial Towards Planning Safety Of Your Furniture And Home?

Furniture and wooden interiors are an expensive affair therefore you would never want to discover your expensive customised precious wooden interiors getting damaged after installation. The problem with termite attacks is that it is discovered only after high damage has been done by termites.

So to prevent such a situation, it is important that you are well aware of how termites can enter your home, your high risk areas, as well as you should know all the measures that you can take to ensure 100% protection for all your expensive wooden interiors.

2. How A Termite Inspection Is Conducted?

A termite inspection involves:

A. Carefully studying the outer parameter of your home.

B. Assessing the routes that termites can take in the home.

C. Making list of High vulnerable areas of the home.

D. Discovering Favourable conditions for entry of termites

E. Checking all wooden areas for any signs of termite damage and moisture situation.

F. Finally preparing a plan to keep the termites away naturally as well as by creating termite barriers.

These details are handed over to you in a neatly prepared document over the mail as well as a hard copy.

The Termite Inspection also includes presenting all the detailed findings of the inspection as well as measures that can be taken to prevent any termite attack. You can me invite ask any questions to help you better understand the termite defence for your home.

3. What Will I Know After Getting A Termite Inspection Done?

As mentioned in the above answer you will have a detailed understanding of how termites can enter your home as well as all the measures that can be taken by you to ensure protection from termites.

4. What Is The Cost Of Termite Inspection Visit?

Generally Deemak Roko company do not charge for consultation if it is included in the treatment. However a small fees of rupees 1000 shall be charged if you call in areas not directly serviced by Deemak Roko team.

5. Can I Get Termite Consultation On Phone Also?

Yes termite consultation on-call is free of cost. However a physical Termite Inspection visit adds actual value in planning for a long term anti termite Protection of your home.


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Termite Inspection And Consultation Visit