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Our Termite Control Works in Gurgaon include clients like Nestle, Adidas, Tata, Ultratech Cement, Ambuja Cement, Oyo, ITC, Fortis Hospitals, Reliance Industries, American Express, Ambience Mall, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Kothari Groups Real Estate Developers, and many more.

Termite treatment offer

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gold medal for termite control

India's First Termite Focused company.

High Quality termite treatment

23 Quality Parameters

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Termite RootCause Elimination.

Affordable termite treatment

Affordable Pricing

Expert in Termite treatment

Consistent Results since 13 Years.

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Multi Year Warranty

Our Anti Termite Services

anti termite piping treatment

Termite Pipes For New Construction
Jindagi Bhar - Zero Deemak Fikar !

Highly Recommended.
Popular Choice.

1. Permanent Life Time Protection from Termites.
2. No Future Maintenance Needed.
3. Very Affordable Prices.
4. Super-fast Recharging.
5. Compatible to all Construction Designs...Read More

Current Offer : 12% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment

Drill Fill Seal Termite Treatment
Deemak Jad Se Khatam !

Most Purchased.
Most Popular For Prevention.

1. Jad se Deemak ka Safaya - Rootcause Solution. ( Colony Elimination Technique).
2. Recommended for Reconstruction/Remodeling/ Redesigning of Home.
3. Integrated Method (Wall, Furniture, Soil and Pipe) - Assures 2X Protection instead of Traditional Protection.
4. MultiYear Warranty.
5. Totally Affordable Prices.
6. Free Inspection Visit...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

Soil Termite Treatment

Soil Treatment
Pehle Din Se Suraksha !

Time Tested.

1. Traditionally most Proven Process.
2. Multi Year Plus Warranty.
3. Applicable for all type ground based Construction.
4. IS6313 Recommended.
5. Residual effect Method.
6. Affordable Prices...Read More

Current Offer : 5% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

porous pipes refill service

Termite Pipes Refill Service

Recharge Your Defenses.

1. Superfast Recharging.
2. Zero Chemical Smell.
3. 30 minutes me kaam Khatam!
4. Post Refill Warranty.
5. Custom Packages Available...Read More

Current Offer : 8% Discount
(For next 10 Days Booking ONLY)

anti termite spot treatment

Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment For One Time Solution.

1. Quick Treatment.(Small Scale)
2. Only limited to single Furniture (Does not Cover entire Home).
3. Recommended if termites found in external furniture.
4. Oil Based Solution...Read More

Current Offer : NIL

Termite Treatment Inspection

Inspection And Consultation Visit

1. Prevention Report.
2. Deep Assessment
3. Custom Treatment Plan
4. Free of Cost...Read More

Customer Testimonials

Pillars Behind 100% Termite Management Success

A. Root Cause Solution – Termite Colony Elimination Technique.

B. Integrated Approach– Combination of treatments are designed for giving a 360 degree solution (Wall + Soil + Furniture + Piping + Structural Precautions). 

C. Root cause  Assessment Inspection prior to service.

D. Post Service Audit based on 23 Quality Parameters. 

E. Priority Post Service Support.

Explore How Gurgaon Resident Safeguards Home with Efficient Termite Control Measures!

Mr. Manoj Sinha never imagined that a tree could cause unthinkable destruction due to termites. Fortunately, the Deemak Roko team, working in a nearby house, spotted the old tree getting infected from termites during their inspection before termite treatment. Additionally, termites had set up a satellite colony at the old tree, consuming its life. Consequently, the tree posed a significant risk to Mr. Sinha’s house as it was tilted towards it.

Therefore, it was certain that strong winds or other weather conditions could have led to the falling of the tree on Mr. Sinha’s house, causing damages to the home or even life. However, the problem was recognized beforehand, and suitable termite treatment was done for the tree. Eventually, the tree was shifted to a new location with the help of the Gurgaon municipality.

Therefore, termites can create challenges from unexpected directions, and hence proper safety should always be ensured. Additionally, if you find termites nearby your house, then your house is definitely on the radar of termites.

To discuss your situation further you can connect with us by call or whatsapp using icons below

Simple Service LifeCycle

1. Booking service:

  • The process initiates with the booking of our service via call or WhatsApp. Once scheduled, our professional team promptly arranges an appointment for property inspection.

2. Inspection Visit:

  • During the inspection, our experienced team assesses the severity of the termite infestation and develops a tailored treatment plan based on their findings.

3. Technician Team Visit:

  • Subsequently, a dedicated technician team visits your property to execute the treatment meticulously, adhering to stringent standards such as IS 6313 and 23 internal standards.

4. Post Work Audit:

  • Following the treatment, a comprehensive post-work audit is conducted to verify the elimination of termites and ensure the treatment’s effectiveness.

5. Awarding Warranty Certificate:

  • Upon successful completion of the treatment and post-work audit, a warranty certificate is issued to provide assurance of the treatment’s efficacy.

6. Feedback Follow-Ups:

  • To guarantee customer satisfaction, follow-up feedback sessions are conducted to address any concerns or issues that may have arisen during the treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Treatment

1. What are termites ?

Termites, often likened to ‘white ants’ due to their resemblance to ants, are social insects that reside in well-organized underground soil colonies. Within these colonies, which can number in the millions, various roles are assigned to different types of termites, including workers, soldiers, and nymphs. At the helm of each colony is a queen termite.

These insects consistently dispatch termite scouts to scour nearby areas for wood. Upon locating a potential food source, termites infiltrate homes through the soil foundation before accessing the walls. Feeding primarily on wood and other cellulose-based materials, termites pose a significant threat to buildings, furniture, and other wooden structures by consuming the wood.

2. There are two main types of termite Pest treatment:

  1. Post-construction termite treatment is utilized to eradicate termite infestations in existing buildings. This process entails drilling holes at the skirting level of the wall, which are then filled with water-based termite killer chemicals. The wall absorbs this chemical through capillary action. Subsequently, after filling the holes with termite killer chemical, they are closed back to match the texture of the walls. Additionally, all furniture in the house undergoes similar treatment with an oil-based termite killer chemical.
  2. Pre-construction termite treatment, it serves as a proactive measure to prevent termite infestations in new buildings. This method involves installing a smart network of porous pipes laid at the foundation level. These pipes allow for the renewal of the soil-based termite barrier with chemicals periodically by simply filling the porous pipes with water-based termite chemicals. This ensures the maintenance of a strong termite barrier over time, effectively eliminating termites from your home for the long term.

3. Importance of Termite Inspection and Assessment

Thorough termite inspection is a key step in determining the extent of termite damage and the level of infestation. Professional inspectors assess the condition of the property and identify vulnerable areas prone to termite attack. This assessment helps develop a tailored treatment plan to effectively eradicate termites and prevent future infestations.

Transitioning to long-term prevention strategies, after termite treatment, homeowners must implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of future infestations. These may include regular inspections, prompt repairs of any moisture or structural issues, and proper maintenance of the property. Additionally, educating homeowners on termite-resistant practices, such as storing firewood away from the house or using termite-resistant building materials, can significantly contribute to long-term prevention.

4. Cost of Termite Treatment in Gurgaon

The cost of termite treatment varies based on factors such as the level of infestation, the size of the property, and the treatment method chosen. It’s crucial for homeowners to consider the long-term financial implications of untreated termite infestations when evaluating treatment costs. Understanding pricing structures, which may involve per-square-foot rates or package deals, helps homeowners make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget.

5. How do termites enter homes in Gurgaon?

Termites have various entry points into homes, including cracks in the foundation, utility lines, or even wooden materials brought onto the property. Additionally, it’s important for homeowners to be vigilant about these potential access routes to effectively prevent termite infestations.

6. Can I effectively treat termites on my own without professional help ?

While DIY methods may provide temporary relief, professional termite treatment is typically necessary for thorough eradication and effective long-term control. Furthermore, relying solely on DIY solutions may result in incomplete eradication, leaving your property vulnerable to recurring infestations.

7. How long does a termite treatment process usually take ?

The duration of termite treatment varies depending on the level of infestation and the chosen treatment method. Typically, it can range from a few hours to several days. Additionally, understanding the duration of treatment is crucial for homeowners to plan accordingly and minimize disruptions to their daily routines.

8. Are termite control chemicals harmful to humans and pets ?

The chemicals utilized in termite control are regulated and deemed safe when administered by trained professionals following label instructions. Nevertheless, it’s essential to adhere to any recommended precautions. Moreover, prioritizing safety measures ensures not only effective termite eradication but also the well-being of occupants and the environment.

9. How frequently should I schedule termite inspections ?

Regular termite inspections should be conducted at least once a year to detect early signs of infestation and address them promptly. Additionally, scheduling annual inspections helps homeowners stay proactive in protecting their property against potential termite damage, thereby ensuring long-term structural integrity.

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