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If you have invested in a lovely home with wooden interiors of your taste and status then you should be extra careful because your dear interiors are always at a risk of getting damaged without your notice.

You will get to know of the damage to your furniture and interiors only once the damages are clearly visible. But by then it can get too late.

Let’s Understand How A Timely Anti Termite Treatment Can Save Your Worth Lakhs Of Damage

1. What Are The Ways Of Termites Attacking Your Home?

Termites live in large organised underground colonies. These colonies regularly sends termite scouts to discover any source of cellulose primarily wood in nearby radius of their colony. Upon discovering the furniture of house they create many tunnels from the discovered furniture to the underground colony through the walls of the house as well as through the foundation of the house. These routes are used to transfer small pieces of furniture to the underground colony.

When the size of colony expands to a near saturation level then reproductive termites of the colony fly to another suitable location to establish a new colony. Hence specially in rainy season you may find winged reproductive termites flying inside your home and they can try to establish a new colony inside your home.

These are the major two ways through which termites naturally enter your home. There can be one more way through which termites can enter your home which is by bringing an already termite infested furniture in your home.

2. How Can A Preventive Anti Termite Treatment Stop Termite Attacks On My Home?

Preventive Anti Termite Treatment involves assessing all possible ways of entry of termites to your home. Multiple barriers are created for termites so that they either stay away of the house or all the colonies in or nearby your house collapse due to transfer affect of the chemicals in termite barriers.

All furnitures, walls and foundations of the house are treated so that there is no scope of any termites attacking your home.

3. What Are The Stages Of A Preventive Anti Termite Treatment?

The Anti Termite Treatment starts by a deep inspection which is to assess all the vulnerable high risk areas which the termites can possibly attack or use to enter the premises of your house. A treatment plan is than accordingly prepared.

Basis on the treatment plan a combination of drill fill seal service, soil treatment, furniture treatment and removal of unwanted wooden articles from the exterior walls etc. are done to fool-proof the house.

4. What Is The Cost Of Preventive Anti Termite Treatment?

The cost of Preventive Anti Termite Treatment depends on the factors like soil type, moisture, size etc. To give you an idea 2 BHK home can get preventive termite treatment within a budget of rupees 10,000. However the actual quote of Anti Termite Treatment is shared with the customer only once assessment of the premise to be treated is made.

5. What Is The Warranty Period Of A Preventive Anti Termite Treatment?

The warranty of a Preventive Anti Termite Treatment of your home is generally higher than drill fill seal service warranty period. However this again depends on moisture, soil type, size, design of house etc. In general the warranty period for preventive termite treatment starts from 2 – 7 years instead of 1-3 years.

6. What Are The Precautions That I Should Take Further To Prevent Termites?

Although once Anti Termite Treatment has been done at your home you may not require many precautions however there are two key things that you have to ensure. Firstly there should be no moisture situation at your home because moisture can dilute the termite barrier and hence the protective effect of termite barrier can cease to exist.

Secondly there should be no wooden debris coming in contact with the exterior walls of your house because it can attract termites towards your home.


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